A time capsule buried under L’UNI


The ceremonial burial of a time capsule under the L’UNI investment, currently underway in Wrocław, took place on 11th August this year. The investor expects to have the construction works finished and the office and service tenement house commissioned in mid-2022.

A celebratory event which saw the finishing of the construction stage of the project was attended by guests as well as the contractors of the renovation works. The high point of the event was the burying of the time capsule within the walls of the building.

“The former building of the faculty of Pharmacy at Wrocław Medical University will be accessible as an office building as early as mid-2022. The investment will owe its uniqueness to the combination of authentic historical elements and modern design. The facility is going to be fully modernised and completed to the highest standards”, says dr Marcin Dudarski, Managing Partner at JP Weber, an advisory company which manages the revitalisation project.

The name L’UNI is a reference to the French word “L'Université”, which is perfectly linked to the history of the place since the investment is being carried out in a Neo-Renaissance building of the former Pharmacy faculty at Wrocław Medical University.

“When preparing the capsule, we wanted to leave an indelible mark of this exceptional Wrocław project for future generations. Restoring a building with unique aesthetic value to the city as well as the revitalisation of this part of the Odra bank is fantastic news for the citizens of Wrocław, especially when considering the fact that the city is recovering after the pandemic restrictions”, says Grzegorz Piechowiak, Managing Partner at JP Weber, an advisory company.

„As the structural stage of the renovation was completed in July, the time capsule was placed within the walls, containing: a commemorative article on the L’UNI revitalisation, a photograph of the construction workers, MPK tickets, a postcard from Wrocław, one copy of a newspaper from 11th August 2021, several pages of archaeological research, a contemporary map of the city, a panoramic view of L’Uni, the University Bridges, the Tamka and Słodowa Islands, and a protective mask as a symbol of the pandemic during which the renovation of the historical building was carried out.

“The unique architectural heritage and the building location in the heart of the city are the main assets of L’UNI. Office spaces owe their unique character to a combination of authentic historical elements and modern design. A beautiful view of the Odra river is not without significance for the tenants. They will enjoy the panoramic view of the University Bridges, and the Tamka and Słodowa Islands. L’UNI will offer circa 3 600 m2 of the office space to let with a view of the Odra river,” – says Anna Patrzyk-Sperzyńska, Associate Director at Knight Frank, which is responsible for the commercialisation of the building.

The highlights of a historical building, such as high-ceilinged rooms, sizeable windows, and noble materials have been supplemented with all indispensable facilities attributed to office buildings – air conditioning, access control, a BMS system, optic fibre, opening windows, and the infrastructure for cyclists. The project, which is currently under construction, includes the installation of a glass roof – making the top floor fully functional and where the rooms will have a magnificent view of the river and Słodowa Island. The original proportion of the structure of the building will, at the same time, be preserved.

Pracownia Projektowa is responsible for the revitalisation and the project is managed by JP Weber, overseen by Prime Project with the “Oz-Bud” construction and service company as the prime contractor. Knight Frank is in charge of the commercialisation of the space.

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