09/06/2022 Knight Frank as a manager of L'UNI

Knight Frank has been appointed manager of the revitalised L'UNI office building in the centre of Wrocław. The building's area amounts to 3 600 sq.m. It stands out for its spaciousness and modernity, which are unprecedented in this historic part of Wrocław, as well as for its exceptional view of the Oder River.

31/05/2022 L'UNI with a new tenant

Modern office building L'UNI, located in the centre of Wrocław, is expanding its group of tenants. Already in August an IT company will move in. The office of 350 sq.m. will be distinguished by its unique location and the view of the Oder River.

04/11/2021 What Mysteries Does L’UNI Hold?

The revitalisation of the L’UNI building has contributed to the unveiling of long hidden archaeological mysteries.

21/10/2021 L’UNI revitalization is getting closer to the commissioning date

The next stage of the renovation works for L’UNI - a prestigious office investment carried out in the former building of the faculty of Pharmacy at Wrocław Medical University and located in the heart of the city, has just been completed. The first users of this exceptional office building will be able to move in as early as the middle of next year.

21/10/2021 A time capsule buried under L’UNI

The ceremonial burial of a time capsule under the L’UNI investment, currently underway in Wrocław, took place on 11th August this year. The investor expects to have the construction works finished and the office and service tenement house commissioned in mid-2022.

24/07/2021 L’UNI – offices facing the Odra river

Knight Frank has been selected an exclusive agent responsible for the commercialisation of the historical office building in the centre of Wrocław. L’UNI will offer circa 3 600 m2 of the office space to let with an amazing view of the Odra river. The construction works are underway and the commission date is planned for the second quarter of 2022.

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