L’UNI revitalization is getting closer to the commissioning date


The next stage of the renovation works for L’UNI - a prestigious office investment carried out in the former building of the faculty of Pharmacy at Wrocław Medical University and located in the heart of the city, has just been completed. The first users of this exceptional office building will be able to move in as early as the middle of next year.

L’UNI’s office spaces owe their unique nature to a combination of authentic, historical elements, and modern design. The facility is going to be fully modernised and completed to the highest standards. Not only does it have the attributes of a historical building such as high-ceilinged rooms, big windows, and noble materials but it also has all the indispensable facilities typical for office buildings – air conditioning, access control, a BMS system, optic fibre, opening windows, and infrastructure for cyclists. The project, currently underway, entails the construction of a glass roof – making the top floor fully functional and where the rooms will have an amazing view of the river and Słodowa Island. The original proportion of the structure of the building will at the same time be preserved.

“Completing the construction elements for L’UNI as well as creating the construction under the glass roof are vital parts of the revitalisation project. The glass will be covered with a ceramic print. This innovative solution will allow us to highlight the investment’s historic character and preserve the historical features of the elevation. The only place in Europe where a similar solution of the gradient printing was applied is London”, says Waldemar Weintritt, a Project Engineer at JP Weber, an advisory company managing the revitalisation project of the building.

Later this month, works connected with the bare shell of the building will be completed, along with the ceiling on the top floor, as well as the construction of the main staircase and the internal walls. In the meantime, the installation and completion teams have commenced their works. Advanced works are also being carried out on the exterior of the building. Soon, Szewska street will admire the restored plasterwork and stucco element of the building, whereas the façade by Grodzka street awaits renovation of its historical sculptures, i.e., busts on top of pilasters. Window frames will be fitted upon completion of the elevation works.

“L’UNI will offer circa 3 600 m2 of the office space to let with the magnificent view of the Odra river. Thanks to the extensive glazed areas, one will be able to admire a panoramic view of the University Bridges, along with the Tamka and Słodowa islands from the top floor. The tenants will certainly appreciate the office location in the very heart of Wrocław (close to the Old Town), well-communicated with the rest of the city, as well as the unique architectural heritage connected with modern, timeless arrangement of the common areas of the building” – says Anna Patrzyk-Sperzyńska, Associate Director at Knight Frank, which is responsible for the commercialisation of the investment.

What is also important, especially on account of the central location of L’UNI, is that through collaboration with the National Ossoliński Institute, the tenants will have at their disposal as many as 38 parking spots near the investment, on level - 2. The building will also offer numerous parking sports in its near vicinity. Also worth noting is the fact that the parking ratio for L’UNI equals 1/69 m2, which is rather uncommon in the central location of Wrocław.

L’UNI is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2022. Maćków Pracownia Projektowa is responsible for the revitalisation and the project is managed by JP Weber, overseen by Prime Project with the “Oz-Bud” construction and service company as the prime contractor. Knight Frank will be in charge of the commercialisation of the space.

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